Azucena Germán


México City, 1979.

The fundamental approach on Azucena Germán work is the knowledge trough nature, either as a concept or a material. She looks to represent the central elements of nature as a response to life and death, the beauty and blossom on one side and with devastation and chaos on the other side with the two in constant motion.

Proximity and encounters between the organic and synthetic determine the basis of her work using organic raw materials such as branches, wax, stone, or synthetics such as plastic, plaster, metal, and clay which combine to create paintings, sculpture or installations. She lives in Querétaro, México. She graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the State University of Querétaro. In 2003 she attended a course in “Sculpture, Object, Environment” in the School of Visual Arts in New York.

She’s participated in several group and solo exhibitions. She has shown in Tidaholms Konsthall, Sweden, in “The Shape of Happiness To Come” exhibit. She was also in 2012 at the “Fábula Vegetal” exhibition at the Querétaro city Museum. She participated in the group exhibition “Le Printe” at the gallery of Action Art Actuelle in Quebec. She was also selected for the group exhibition “Glorias Queretanas 20 siglos de Arte”.